About RPA

Russian Photodynamic Association was established in 2012 to consolidate russian scientists and doctors who are to promote progressive methods of cancer treatment.


Over the years has been hosted different events such as conferences, round tables and workshops around Russia during which participants were able to discuss main challenges facing russian science and medicine in promoting methods of PDT and PD.


We are proud that our efforts lead to greater cooperation amoung leading experts in this sphere, as well as to engage collegues from abroad. After all, experience excange is a key to success in such a delicate aspect as the salvation of human lives.


Today we can claim that "As long as we unite - we give hope!".


Among other RPA would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all of you - to visitors of our website! In this challenging period russian scientists and doctors as never before strongly require Your help. We hope that by gathering our efforts we would be able to achieve our goal - to save as many human lives as we can!




With deep respect,

RPA administration